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Sonya is a World-Renowned natural born psychic medium and healer. Sonya has been able to understand animals on the way they think through mind, body, and soul. 

She has owned her business, Spiritual Animal Healing, for over 17 years with clients based worldwide. 

Sonya has volunteered at multiple animal hospitals and zoos through her travels during her course of studies, dealing with varies animals of all shapes and sizes.

With a deep connection to the Mother Earth and the Universe, Sonya is an avid nature and animal lover. She has always been on a personal development and spiritual growth path for over 15 years and is an insatiable learner.

Sonya's optimum goal is to support and strengthen the animal's ability to self heal and maintain a balanced state.

Reiki Master
Holistic Animal Therapy
Akashic Records Consultant
Registered Animal First Aid Instructor
Animal Search'N'Rescuer

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