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With this service Sonya takes a report from you including a missing pet description and profile. You can even include an item that belongs to your pet. 

With this description, she will start tracking the missing or stolen pet through her psychic abilities (5-senses) in order to communicate with your pet. She has the ability to locate your pet in the areas that it would and/or go.

People may take possession of your pet to sell your pet for drugs, dog fighting, medical experiments, food, or for its fur. Rare but does occur, if this occurs, local animal service officers and police officers are the ones handling the situation. 

Sometimes Sonya would get a signal that your pet have fallen victim to a predator. Two or four-legged. Tracking predator's den, is not her position to interfere with nature. She does not wish to harm or annoy the predators, nor want to be injured by one when predators protect its home and its babies during their season. 

99% of missing pets will travel into the wind and knowing which way the wind is blowing on the day of your pet disappeared.

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