Colour Therapy is a non-invasive energy-based technique that enhance alternative therapies, practices and lifestyles. Has no side effects and is completely safe. 

Energy can help with emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical issues. It help relaxes the muscles and stimulates and trigger the acupuncture points on the body. 

The light has a profound effect on all living cells since every cell is light sensitive and also gives off its own light vibration. Cells of the skin act as light filters and allows the light of all frequencies to pass towards the tissues and cells through the body. This includes organs and glands. 

Colour energy can be used to energize or balance the body's energy centers and can act as a catalyst for the body's own healing processes. It is a gentle approach to support your animal's wellness and can be achieved in a professional setting or in a barn, field, even at home after a grooming session. Animals often fall asleep during a treatment session and seem very reluctant to leave when their treatment is over. Many animals do not see colour like we do, but this doesn't mean they are not affected by colour energies. Animals are highly sensitive to differing energies so they also pick up varying energies of colour.