Crystal Therapy have healing energies that are powerful and profound. It is completely safe and gentle. 

What Are Crystals?
Crystals are more than mere atomic structures. They possess remarkable and magnificent properties that stretch way beyond the realm of simple matter.


What Kind Of Energies Are Produced By Crystals?
Crystals produce strong electrical current. The energy flow from the crystal by keeping with its regular and even atomic structure. They act as perfect, flawless energy transformers, amplifiers, and transmitters. Natural crystals are artificially copied and used in technologies for its remarkable electrical properties. 


What Benefits Do Animals Have With Crystal Healing? 
Crystals and stones can help heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level such as:
- Respiratory
- Circulatory and Digestive conditions
- Anxiety
- Fear and Aggression
- Wounds
- Inflammation and Arthritis
- Hormonal and Compulsive Behavioural issues


Animals can sense the energy from crystals and stones more acutely than humans. They seem to have a conscious affinity with crystals and will sometimes seek them out themselves when they feel a need for them. Animals can easily accept the healing, while others may take a few sessions to get used to the crystal energy. Like humans, animals sometimes need their chakras to be checked and balanced.