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Spiritual Animal Healing provides a 8 hour Animal First Aid Course with fun-filled information. All pet lovers will earn a Certificate at the end of the class while they learn and practice dealing with live cats and dogs emergencies. Having First Aid knowledge and skills could make a difference when it comes between animal's life and death. Anyone can learn techniques to prevent an animal from suffering from further injury or any unnecessary discomfort. 


Why choose Spiritual Animal Healing Animal First Aid Course?

- Longest standing Animal First Aid course given worldwide. 

- The course is applicable to both dogs and cats.

- At Spiritual Animal Healing, the company is internationally recognized. 

- Receive an extensive, user-friendly manual to complete with custom illustrations to assist you in your time of need.

- Receive a fabulous Certificate of completion upon passing the course with success of 80% or above- 2 Exams in total.

- At Spiritual Animal Healing, we work with live animals to experience them first hand, providing you challenge as you're about to try to bandage them and finding their vital signs and much more.

- Ultilize our logo on your website or printing materials to confirm that you have completed our course and add recognition. 


Certificate is valid for 3 years from course completion. Requests for replacement certificates must be made in writing and cost only $35.00


Important Topics Covered in the Animal First Aid Courses includes:

- Immediate steps to take on in an emergency.

- What to include in your Animal First Aid kit.

- How to safely approach an injured animal.

- How to complete a head to toe assessment.

- How to restrain an injured animal.

- Recognition of signs of common illness and injury.

- How to handle various bleeding wounds. 

- Ear injuries, bone injuries, and eye injuries.

- Choking skills.

- Artifical Respiration.

- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitiation (CPCR)

- Poisoning.

- Frostbite and Hypothermia.

- Hyperthermia and heart stroke.

- Burns.

- Administration of medications.

- Strong emphasis on prevention of illness and injury. 

- Much, much more...

Online Animal First Aid Course

Do you live outside of a Spiritual Animal Healing First Aid in-class course location? Do you prefer learning online right in your own home? We have an amazing and comprehensive Online Animal First Aid Certification Program! 

We have been offering Online Distance Learning successfully for many years. It is to our knowledge the longest-standing course worldwide. 

Successful participants will earn the same Animal First Aid Certification as those attending an in-class course. Recently, we are excited to have the course moved entirely offered online, just for you! 


Spiritual Animal Healing Distance Learning Animal First Aid course material includes:

- Easy-to-follow online course material that include both hands on practice and multiple choice knowledge quizzes. 

​- Free emails and phone support to a live instructor, in case you have any questions. 

- 2 Course Exams

- Certification upon successful completion. It is the same Certification as the in-class course.

- Hardcopy of Spiritual Animal Healing Animal First Aid manual.

- Hardcopy of our compact Spiritual Animal Healing Emergency Guide to Animal First Aid for your first aid kit (optional)


Spiritual Animal Healing Online Learning Animal First Aid course caters to all audiences, including pet professionals and pet owners. This Online Learning First Aid offers you a unique combination of hands-on-skills and written work. 


Private Courses Available! 

​If you would like to arrange a private class, feel free to contact us for details. 

Animal First Aid Course are offered Worldwide!

$ 357.00 for in-class (Max. 10 students)

​$ 425.00 for online study classes (comfort in your home)

​$ 625.00 for private classes (online 1-on-1)


*First Come, First Served Basis*

Please call ahead to book for a spot in order to have your seat reserved.

Spots are updated periodically. ​


Don't see a class near you? Contact Us and we'll do our best to arrange location and date best suited for you or you can refer for an Online Learning option. 

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